"This is a very special page that I wrote with all my heart after a year of careful thinking and deep thoughts. It is meant to be read with all your heart. Please be ready emotionally as I tell you my deepest thoughts, hopes and dreams. I am going to open my heart to you..."

This is a very special page that I wrote with all my heart after a year of careful thinking and deep thoughts. It is meant to be read with all your heart.

Please be ready emotionally as I tell you my deepest thoughts, hopes and dreams.

I am going to open my heart to you...

On the pages of this site, I try to honestly project the woman that I constantly strive to be: intelligent, honest, elegant, lovely, sweet, responsible, confident and happy. I believe that anyone who has spent time with me would tell you without reservation that I have a kind spirit, a loving heart and a nurturing soul. I was raised to always conduct myself as a proper lady in public (and I always do) but I can also be a passionate and attentive lover to my Special Man when we are alone together and I am, above all, an encouraging and supportive friend. What more could a man want from a woman?

But lately I have been losing sleep because, deep inside, I am sad and heartbroken...

I have been looking for true love with a good and worthy man since I was eighteen. So far, I have had several committed relationships, to which I have given my all but, sadly, each of them ended in heartbreak. All I’ve ever really wanted from life is to be a wonderful, devoted wife and mother. But I still have not found my ONE true love, the man I long for every second of every day.

And that saddens me. I am a very spiritual person. I believe that we are given only one life to live on this earth and, in that one fleeting chance; we owe it to ourselves to find happiness. For me, happiness would be nothing more and nothing less than loving and being loved by a man with whom I can spend the rest of my days surrounded by our beautiful children.

But, in my loneliness, I wonder: Where is my true love? I don’t want to be single for the rest of my life and I don’t want to continue as an elite companion for much longer, either. I am a good and worthy woman. I want to find love and happiness. Why is that so difficult?

I am extremely selective and I don’t see many clients. I can frankly say that the men I date invariably - only one a month, because I select my dates with discrimination. To tell you the truth, I have two reasons for being in this business. The obvious one is to earn money - a girl has to make a living, and I am very skilled in the art of companionship. The other has always been the hope, so far to no avail, that I might find an honest, faithful, kind and secure gentleman with whom I could form a lasting and loving relationship. But that good man has eluded me. (It gets me very emotional and brings tears to my eyes as I write this. In fact, I chose the name of my site, “A Love Journey” in the hope that I could inspire some discerning soul to look beyond the “Elite companion” and see the Loving Woman I truly am.)

Statistically, the majority of men I meet on dates (9 out of 10) are already married. Most are fine gentlemen who enjoy my company and treat me as they would a sweet girl friend. I have enjoyed their friendship and I have many fond memories. Unfortunately, I have also had a number of very bad/harmful/dangerous experiences with men who think that because they have engaged my time that they then have license to hurt me. You would never believe the kind of devilish/vicious male human beings that I have encountered in my "secret life", but I prefer not to reveal the details. Whenever I have suffered a bad experience, I have stopped this secret life for several months, so it has been an on-and-off experience for me. Had you ever experienced the very dangerous situations that I have been exposed to, then you would understand why I need people to fill out the "appointment form" first to make a date with me. I have seen both the beautiful and the ugly (indeed, worse than ugly) of men in my time as an elite companion. (Honestly, this is not a 100% safe business at all because I never know how the next person I meet is going to treat me.)

The men I date (with some of exceptions) usually enjoy, respect and admire me. I cherish those feelings. The hard-earned income I have made over the last year (an on-and-off experience for me) hasn’t bought me happiness, only love will do that. I am not a person who covets or accumulates material possessions. To the contrary, I am a modest lady who saves her hard-earned money carefully and invests it wisely. And though I can project and carry myself with elegance and class, I don’t stand too much on ceremony. I would be happy dining in a five-star restaurant wearing haute couture or a humble noodle kitchen wearing jeans, as long as I was with someone I love and cherish. Really, I would be in heaven doing nothing more than sitting on my sofa watching a movie with my head resting dreamily on the strong shoulder of my darling husband.

Oh, but to find him…

A close friend recently wrote me (you can see her entire letter on my “Diary” page…): “The time has come to find your true love. He is out there, looking for you, his priceless pearl. He may be rich, he may be poor. He may be Caucasian or Asian. He may be handsome or plain. It doesn’t matter. It matters only that he be honest and faithful, responsible and kind, sincere and hard working; happy and optimistic. It is time to go and find him and open your heart to him, to trust him with your dreams and fears, your joys and sorrows, your ambitions and your insecurities. It is time to drop your barriers and give yourself to him - your faithful husband, your tender lover, your dearest friend.”

That is exactly what I want from life.

But where is he?

If you are a single gentleman who is honest, faithful, responsible, kind, and is looking for love, I encourage you to make an appointment with me and see what will happen.

I know that no matter how hard I try, it may not be easy for you to trust me, especially because you are encountering me here in my "secret life" as an elite companion - but I know you will understand that it can be different with ONE very special woman. I hope you can see and appreciate my longing and my dreams and understand my heart. I am a thoroughly responsible and ultra-discreet woman. I would never break anyone’s trust, ever. I give you my vow and I will always keep it, my dear friend. I’m sure you’d agree that life is short, there is nothing wrong with looking for true love and happiness in this life - wherever I may find it - right?

I don't think my yearning for true love holds any shame. You have no idea how hard it is for me to venture this; it takes tremendous courage and all the dignity I can muster to tell people that I'm looking for love on this site. Life is short, I do not want to be single for the rest of my life and I do not want to spend the rest of my days without a loving partner. I want to be very honest and tell what my innermost longing: Yes, I AM A WOMAN WHO'S LOOKING FOR LOVE. Life is unfair sometimes but what can you do? So I believe that tomorrow will be better, and it is that faith that gives me the strength to put on a smile on my face and in my heart each and every day, even though I have experienced so many difficulties in my life. I have worked hard and fought through my misfortunes and I feel that I have gotten stronger and wiser every day. So please respect my positive outlook of this life, and please, do not think any less of me for unburdening myself to you.

If you have read the other pages to my site, you know by now that I am a “sincere young lady with a warm loving heart.” If you are a sincere single man with a warm loving heart, honest, earnest and respectful of a lady, please make an appointment with me and tell me about yourself. It is my heartfelt dream to hold you in my arms and look into your eyes with the most precious thing in the world - love.

You never know…

With utmost sincerity, love, hope and all my heart,
A sweet girl with a dream