"I am beautiful, gentle, and kind. My voice is soft and soothing and I'm easy to talk to. Like a dear friend, you'll find me to be very friendly and down-to-earth. Embodying the Goddess, I am warm, loving, and nurturing. I am well-versed in the sensual secrets of the East and the erotic body. I will take you to the heights of pleasure and you will feel the Energy! I offer longer and fuller meeting to allow this magical and mystical process to unfold for you and so that you can experience a much deeper state of relaxation, heightened sensual pleasure, bliss, and ecstasy."

Rather than displaying selections from my extensive portfolio of photographs in a single gallery here, I have chosen instead to intersperse my pictures throughout the pages of my site. I decided to present them this way in order to encourage my gentleman/lady visitors to “take a peek” at each and every page of this heartfelt story of my life. I have taken a great deal of time and care to give you a sense of my innermost self and what I have to offer – body and spirit – and it is my hope that you will make the effort to read each page thoroughly as you view the photos.

I have given you a wide variety of photographs to consider. I sincerely hope you find them pleasing. Some are of me in formal pose, meant to express my personal interpretation of eternal feminine elegance; others are of me in more whimsical settings, meant to convey my casual, carefree attitude and youthful joie de vivre. Still others are stylish and timeless ‘art shots’, sprinkled here and there to add to the romantic mood. (So no, that’s NOT me kissing Cary Grant - though I certainly wouldn’t mind. :) Why do you think I put it on my “Wish List” page?!)

Some of my photos were inspired by my favorite Hollywood stars, such as brunette beauties Megan Fox and Dita von Teese. Don't be misled by the hair color and length in the different poses; I am a brunette and will appear to our date as such. (It's just that wigs are a wonderful accessory and I really love "playing" with them! :) My natural hair is long, silky and chocolate in color. While my "look" may change from photo to photo, you can be assured that my body is a constant - natural, toned and youthful in appearance. I work hard to maintain my tight, lithe figure and visit the gym several times a week to stay in the kind of shape that I just know will please you.

Please linger here as you consider a once in a lifetime encounter with me. It is my sincere hope that you will appreciate not just the photos, but everything about me…

A note of caution: I recently had a bad experience where someone copied several of my photographs and then used them for their own distasteful purposes. When I discovered this violation, I asserted my rights and immediately halted their use. Please remember that all of the pictures on this website are copyrighted and that I will take any action I deem necessary to prevent their use by unauthorized parties. Please enjoy them on this site only and respect my rights of ownership.