"I have a very kind, pure, loving heart and it is the favorite part of my body. I am a spiritual person and I truly think that inner beauty comes from a capacity to love and to receive love in return. I have led a life that was very hard at times and believe that the difficult circumstances of my life have created a depth of inner beauty in me that is much more important than any outer beauty. The love, kindness and purity in my heart are boundless."

In your opinion, what are the characteristics of a great relationship?
My belief is that most problems in a relationship are due to hurt feelings caused by the disappointments of misunderstanding and misperception. If the partners in a relationship communicate and act with honesty, trust, care and forgiveness they can overcome most, if not all, of the problems that will occur and will build a great love for each other that will endure over time.

What's your favorite part of your body?
I have a very kind, pure, loving heart and it is the favorite part of my body. I am a spiritual person and I truly think that inner beauty comes from a capacity to love and to receive love in return. I have led a life that was very hard at times and believe that the difficult circumstances of my life have created a depth of inner beauty in me that is much more important than any outer beauty. The love, kindness and purity in my heart are boundless.

What are your long-term goals in life?
I have several, but I want to share a personal one with you: To find the one man in the world who is looking for me. If you have read my interview to this point you will realize I am a person with an active intellect, a great capacity for love, a personality of honesty and the willingness to trust and respect the other person. I am looking for the one man in this world who can return that love, honesty, trust and respect in a relationship that will endure without interruption and grow to the end of our lives.

Do you think men and women are fundamentally different, inside?
Absolutely. A recent book that I've read, The Female Brain, makes it clear that men and women are fundamentally different because of changes that occur during the very early periods of life. Sex and aggression are male traits and communication and social connections are female traits due to the chemistry of our brains.

Is there one thing that most people don't know about you that you'd like them to know?
Yes, there is. Most people will never understand the hardships I have experienced in my life and how those difficult and unpleasant events have shaped me into the person I am today. I live my life with great expectations for the future, I am a very happy, optimistic person who has learned to shape life so as to create what I want from it.

Why do you only see one or two elite clients per month?
Good question. I do have my own life. This was an option that I have implemented because I believe in an engagement that goes beyond the usual. I could fill every day with multiple clients. However, exclusivity is a high standard that I like to stand by. Booking multiple clients a day is not my preference, thus allowing my complete focus and attention into pampering the company I'm with. I take pleasure in a deeper more stable relationship , the conversation, the exchange of stories and opinions, the relaxed unrushed atmosphere , and the genuine enjoyment of each others company. I am not able to attain this every day and would think that you could not like a lady who do this every day with multiple clients.

I love your photos in your website. Are you really the girl in the pictures?
Yes, 100% me, I promise. What you see in the photos is what you are going to see in person. Clients said I look much better in person. When you meet me and if I am not the girl in the photos, then you can send me away. And I will even bring my unblured face photos to show you for prove. I guarantee you that I am really the girl in the photos.

I want see your pretty face. Why do you blur your face?
It is both for my safety and discretion as well as yours. I am a discreet girl in my life and appreciates a gentleman who will respect that. I have my own life, this is just a temporary secret work to me. If you are a smart adult, I believe that you have enough knowledge to know why.

Why are your donations higher than most girls?
I am priceless. It is hard to put a donation on ones mind, body, and soul. Everybody is different. I am very particular on who I date. I will only date with upscale ladies / gentlemen / couples who are looking for someone special and donations are not an issue. If you can appreciate that and looking for an unique girl, then I am sure you will agree that when you meet me that I am worth every penny. I believe this category of ladies / gentlemen / couples will understand my donations and will enjoy my company.

You only have e-mail contact. Why don't you have a phone number as a contact?
I like to make sure I have made a connection with you before I give you my number. I am very careful and selective and want to make sure we will be compatible before we meet. Therefore, I feel it is unnecessary to give out my number unless I know we have made a connection.

Are there any special discounts about your donation?
Sorry, but No. My donation are non-negotiable for all dates. May I suggest that instead of asking me for a discount that you consider searching for a lady more suited to your present financial situation?

I am a new client. What is the best way of making an appointment with you?
For new clients, the best and fastest way of make an appointment with me is by filling out my appointment form, please visit "Make an Appointment" page.

Do you have hourly donation?
Sorry, but No. My minimum is 2 hours. I like longer meeting and enjoy a relaxed unrushed date. If it is the choice of the gentleman (which I hope never becomes case) to leave prior to the full 2 hours to some meeting, flight, ...etc., then he may do so. However, the full 2 hours will still be charged. I like to build a stable relationship with my clients. If a deeper connection is not what you are looking for or are simply apathetic as to what type of encounter you wish to have, then I am simply suggest you please feel free to find some other lady.

Why do you require my legal full name, company name, office phone number...and cell phone number to make an appointment?
For my safety. My safety is as important as yours. Please be assured that all of your info will be kept in the strictest confidence. Your cooperation will be greatly appreciated.

What service do you provide?
I provide exclusive companionship to who knows and enjoys the finer things in our life, what we decide to do with the time is our business, I am promise that you will be really pleased.

Do you expect tips or gifts?
They are never expected or required. But, your generosity and kindness is always appreciated and never forgotten. I love to be surprised!

I know lots of girls have breast implants. Do you have any plastic surgery?
No, not at all. I think natural is the best. My whole body are all 100% natural, I promise.

Do you have another website besides this one?
No, this is my only website. Be sure that you only make an appointment with me from my website.

What do you recommend we do for our overnight or dinner date?
We can do anything you want! We can go out to a nice restaurant or simply order in and have a private candlelight, romantic, and delicious dinner. We can enjoy a good movie or go out to watch a nice performance. Or perhaps you need some relaxation at the spa? Or we can go out to do little bit shopping for you? Or visit some nice scenery? Or buy something for your family in exciting Chinatown? Or we can just cuddle each other even watch an adult movie in the room if you want... Whatever it is, I am sure we will both enjoy ourselves!

What is your idea of a romantic evening?
I have a variety of interests, but on a ‘first date’ I very much enjoy meeting my gentleman friend at his hotel room first, then go out to an elegant restaurant for dinner (FYI, please visit OpenTable.com) and taking our time as we get to know one another. I have a passion for the performing arts and would love to get dressed up for a special event. For me the romance lies in being treasured as only an elite lady can be.

Will you send me more of your pictures or pictures without your face blurred?
There are twenty-two different photos on my website showing me in various settings and poses, including several of my favorite candid shots. I believe that those should be enough to give you a strong sense of my true appearance. I can promise you that both my face and body are quite beautiful and that the photos you see are also reflective of my sweet and happy nature. I will not disappoint you. I hope you will understand that because I am an extraordinarily discreet young lady, I cannot provide additional photos under any circumstances.

How will you be dressed for our date?
My personal style of dress runs toward classic, elegant styles, and very light makeup. Please let me know if you have specific preferences as to my appearance. When we travel together, I plan my wardrobe for a variety of activities and settings. I will never appear indiscreet or dressed inappropriately - I like to turn heads, not raise eyebrows!

Do you enjoy what you do?
Absolutely. I am an excellent companion to gentlemen of sophistication, and I enjoy doing the things at which I am accomplished.

What type of food do you like?
My favorite foods are French, Chinese and Japanese cuisines, but although I am a nearly-thin size 2, I haven't yet found a food I don't like! I am not picky, and I enjoy trying novel flavors.

Where can I meet you?
Worldwide, by appointment. Most recently I have visited Los Angeles, New York, Las Vegas, Chicago, Hong Kong, Singapore and Europe. I call California home, but I'm found globally!

Do you offer incall?
For my established and trusted gentleman friends, whom I have met at least once before, incall is happily supplied for a $150 fee for accommodations (this fee is for book the hotel, and you must PayPal me the fee before we meet).

I like you very much, but I can't afford you, can we just meet socially?
Thank you for the interest but unfortunately the answer must be no. I'm sure you understand my position. I maintain totally separate social and secret lives and my friends, relatives and acquaintances are unaware of my other activities. It would be complicated, risky and awkward for me to mix those two lives so I must decline the offer. Thank you for your understanding and by not asking you will avoid creating a difficult situation for both of us.