"I'm a fun-loving passionate and sensual young lady, if sharing warm indulgent sensuality with an exquisite, sophisticated and intelligent Asian beauty is what you are looking for, then I'm your dream come true. If a self made, down-to-earth young lady is the type you're looking for, I ask you to please give me a chance and for us to get to know each other, you never know, maybe you will fall in love with me..."


  • I devote 90% of my time to my real life and 10% to my 'secret' life (as an elite companion). As such, the reason why I only see one gentleman per month, and why I prefer a longer date.

  • All donations are in U.S. dollars. Cash only and preferably in $100 bills. The donation must be submitted in the exact amount and in an unsealed envelope or a greeting card.

  • If you would like to extend our time, and if my schedule allows and I agree, please immediately take care of the additional donation.

  • My donations are not negotiable.

  • If you would like me travel to meet you, airfare and an advance deposit is required. Please visit "Exclusive Trip" page for the details.

  • I specialize in longer engagements, 3 or 7 days vacation are preferred.

  • Confidentiality agreements are available for those of celebrity status.

  • Compensation is for time and companionship only. Therefore, it covers time spent both in public and in private.

  • If it takes me longer than 30 minutes to travel (drive) over to you, please kindly add $50 as a compensation for my time and gas, thank you.

  • Money exchanged in legal adult personal services is for modeling or simply for time and companionship only. Anything else that may or may not occur is a matter of personal choice and personal preferences between two or more consenting adults of legal age and is not contracted for. This is not an offer of prostitution. I do reserve the right to decline appointments if I deem necessary. I am not affiliated with press, media, or law enforcement of any kind.

Short Term Packages:

The Seduction (1 hour) - $600
The Sweet Tryst (2 hours) - $800
Dinner Date: a romantic dinner and sweet/seductive dessert (4 hours) - $1,000
Overnight Romance (from evening to next day morning, 16 hours) - $2,000
A Delightful Day of Intoxicating Ecstasy (24 hours) - $2,500

The Sweet Getaway - Vacation, Play and Fervent Intimacy:
2 days/nights (48 hours) - $4,000 (Highly Recommended)
3 days/nights (72 hours) - $6,000 (Highly Recommended)
4 days/nights - $8,000 (Highly Recommended)
5 days/nights - $10,000 (Highly Recommended)
6 days/nights - $12,000 (Highly Recommended)
7 days/nights (a week of romance) - $14,000 (Highly Recommended)
(For example: to Palm Beach, New York City, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, etc.)

For couples: please kindly add $200 more.

* An exclusive special offer: $100 off. Note: This reduction is offered ONLY to my established and trusted gentleman friends, whom I have met at least once before. It does not apply to those friends I am meeting for the first time.

* If you have another duration in mind other than the ones listed above, please inquire.

Platonic Love:

A nice romantic dinner date, about 2 hours - $500 (Platonic love is a type of love that is chaste and non-sexual)

Fly me to you:

Please visit "Exclusive Trip" page for details.

A Long-term Exclusive Engagement:

Are you a discriminating gentleman who has the time and inclination to explore a long-term relationship of many dimensions with a beautiful, brilliant, unique young woman who possesses great personal charisma and passion? If this describes you please carefully read and consider the following:

I have arrived at the point in my life in which my most earnest and sincere interest is to devote my time to the gentleman I've described above. If you have been searching for that ultimate indulgence - A long-term exclusive engagement in which your every wish and desire is seen to with the care and concern that only elegant Asian women are known for, I can provide you that experience. I am extremely selective and I've been looking for the right person to have this special relationship with for quite some time. I've interviewed two or three interested gentlemen but haven't yet found the person with whom I wish to share a significant period of my life. However, I am determined to continue to search for that ONE person who can fulfill my life with a relationship of mutual interest, care, concern and love.

I am a person who cherishes love to the deepest but for some reason that I cannot understand, love continues to evade me. The reason I named my web site "A Love Journey" was to indicate that I was looking for that special relationship that would allow both of us to realize the dreams of our lives. If you have similar thoughts and desires please enter into contact with me as I am absolutely sincere about this exclusive engagement and where it can take us.

Engagements of any length beyond one month (especially 3 or 6 months) are available. Once you contact me, we will discuss all the details in a private, confidential conversation between only the two of us. I want to devote my time to ONLY ONE honest, responsible, kind, and fun-loving man. I am absolutely sincere about this and if you are interested in realizing the dream of your life, please contact me directly as soon as possible. I am certain that my charm, intelligence and beauty will more than compensate you for taking the time to consider a relationship of life-altering possibilities.

The monthly donation for a long-term exclusive engagement is $20,000 USD (by cashier's check or bank wire transfer). I will be waiting for you to make an appointment to begin the discussions that could lead to both our lives changing as we realize our dreams.

A Lifetime:

And who knows? After exploring each other's hearts, we just might fall in love. I want nothing more in life than to devote myself to a good, honest and worthy man. If you are attracted to the earnest woman you see in the heartfelt pages of this website, please make an appointment with me and we can start our love journey from there.

I am willing to give up my secret life if I fall in love with you. (I repeat: I am willing to give up my secret life if I fall in love with you.) Please make an appointment with me first, let's meet and decide together. Who knows, we may be just right for each other...