"I am a very happy, optimistic person. My personality is sweet, open and warm, and I'm always quick to laugh and smile. I'm quite youthful in appearance, both in face and body, and have often been told that my best physical feature is my smile."

As is the case with many discreet ladies, I have a "No graphic reviews" policy. The gentlemen I meet are truly gentlemen, and they respect the privacy of others. I welcome your comments when polite and discreet on my website "Client Comments" page. If you still want post a review about me on the website somewhere, I sincerely hope you please respect me and ask my permission first. The practice of revealing private details in a public forum greatly compromises the discretion assumed in the relationship I hope we will have. I assure you that I would never share graphic details regarding out time together with anyone else, and I expect the same courtesy in return.

I am very sincere, responsible and discreet otherwise I would not have a good reputation. You do not have to be anonymous or evasive with me. Everything is confidential.

However, here are some real comments from my friends if you would like to read, I'd like to call them my friends, they are not just my clients, they are truly my friends.

Mr. J - San Francisco Bay Area, CA

Amy is a very sincere, and kind-hearted young lady with lots of class. If you have ever been intrigued by the grace and beauty of Asian women but not taken the step to enjoy those classic attributes, then I strongly recommend you introduce yourself to Amy. Meeting her is an unforgettable experience and anyone who has met her will tell you that. She is a beautiful, enjoyable person who has a wonderful, intriguing grace and is truly as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside.

Amy is very well educated and quite intelligent. She obviously reads lots of great books and is a very good conversationalist. Amy is also very honest and open. We talked about her life, her family, why she does this, and the dreams and goals she has for her future. Despite her great beauty, she is a very calm and soothing person who has brought a sense of stability to my turbulent life. She is one of my favorite people.

This is the first time that we have met and I feel that I am lucky to be with her as she only sees one client per month. The 3 days I spent with her were full of pleasure, excitement, and satisfaction. Amy made each touch or embrace into a very erotic experience. She was gracious, never seemed rushed, and truly made our being together feel like as if we were two lovers having a wonderful time enjoying each other. It was the most perfect experience I've ever had.

Amy is a sweet and kind-hearted young woman, the type of woman that you might want to marry. Amy is definitely the one young lady that you will want to put on your repeat list, and one that I will absolutely see again.

Mr. D - New York, NY

Amy is one of those truly rare ladies who has it all. She is brilliant and is an extremely knowledgeable on just about any subject. She is feminine and warm, and makes you feel as if you have known her forever. Amy is an amazingly sensual young lady who knows exactly how to tease and make you feel like you are the only man in her life. She wears her beauty in a refined classic way.

From the endless fun and intelligent conversation to the most intense times behind closed doors, Amy is just one word - addicting. With all the stress of work and life in general, it is so nice to disappear to another world with Amy.

The first time I saw Amy I knew it was going to be a great weekend. She was smiling, wearing a very elegant and classy little black dress with a small, beautiful crystal purse, wind blowing her hair so gently and she looked very fantastic and desirable; A beautiful young Asian woman. After greeting me with a nice hug and a kiss we were soon in her car driving to Napa Valley. Conversation with her was natural and intriguing. We shared the goals and ambitions we each have in an honest and open conversation.

After a beautiful drive we arrived at our hotel, changed clothes and went to a very romantic dinner at a famous winery. It was a private dinner with about ten guests in a secluded section of the winery cave. There were hundreds of candles and the food was amazing. We took some pictures and I was so attracted to Amy that we held hands all throughout dinner and dessert.

After a wonderful dinner, we drove back to our hotel and proceeded to get comfortable. I watched the flames from our fireplace reflect in her beautiful big brown eyes. Amy is a very sexy and desirable woman and I was so relaxed and comfortable with her that I will never forget the erotic experience of that evening.

I simply did not want to leave and wanted to stay in that room forever with Amy in my arms. Unfortunately, we had to check out and we took a scenic way back to San Francisco. As I kissed her goodbye, I remember thinking how awesome the past 24 hours had been and how I wished I could keep for only myself.

I want to repeat this experience with her and I will definitely see Amy again.

Mr. N & Mrs. N (couple) - Los Angeles, CA

My wife and I have tried a number of women but there is no one as wonderful as Amy. Amy is that genuinely one in a million combination of beauty, sophistication, elegance and fun. She is sweet, sexy, and very easy to be with. My wife and I really liked her a lot and finally enjoyed the experience we had searched for.

Amy came to meet us that night wearing a nice dark professional suit that my wife loved. It was very elegant but also very sexy, showing the curves of her very attractive body. The fit between the three of us was just great because she is very easygoing. After the talks and jokes, the three of us realized we were not there to only have a great conversation and we moved together in a very natural way. Amy has a great toned body and knows how to use it perfectly to please your desires and created delightful exotic pleasures for each of the three of us.

One of the greatest points with Amy was the fact she is totally un-rushed and we spent almost 4 hours together of pure erotic pleasure, sensual fun and intelligent conversation.

My wife and I plan to see her again soon. Please be nice to Amy, she's a real sweetheart.