"The various facets of my personality range from sophisticated, elegant, refined and chic right down to being the free spirited girl next door with an unquenchable zest for life. My smile and aura light up the room wherever I go, and will be guaranteed to light up your heart during our special time together."

I've received some very sweet emails from several very nice people who have written to me to express their appreciation for the artistic nature of my site and the very human emotion they find I've been able to convey with my words and pictures. It touches my heart when I read those messages from people who express their care and appreciation for me even though I've never met them. Words cannot describe how appreciative I am for their kind words and the sentiments, both spoken and unspoken, those emails express. I absolutely treasure those heartfelt and sincere emails they have sent to me and I will keep them as a wonderful and beautiful part of my life because I know they were written from the heart of those who sent them. This page is for all of you who have sent those emails and the people everywhere who sincerely care about me. Smile, be happy and know that I love and feel your sincerity and care for me. I am inspired by your comments and I thank you very much from the bottom of my heart!


Subject: You will bring so much happiness to so many

Hello Amy,

I stumbled across your website and could not help myself but had to drop you a line. Your story is touching and your beauty priceless both outward and inward.

You search for what all souls crave, love that is true, to love and be loved is the most powerful and rewarding essence that life offers and sometimes it is the most difficult to find and keep. I was touched by your honesty and the vulnerability that comes through is incredible, you are both a joy and a reward.

You are correct in that men and women are very different, men are much more about sex, while women are about love, this is a terrible injustice to people like yourself, a women looking for love in a world of sex, you need to be rescued and given a world of happiness.

I wish you all the happiness in the world Amy and hope you find the love we all need, if I could I would sweep you away myself, remember to always be true to yourself first and foremost. You strike me as a fragile creature, do not allow anyone to harm you, one day you will bring so much happiness to so many.

George M.


Subject: Best Wishes in fulfilling your dreams!

Hi Amy,

I hope you get this message and hope that you check your spam filter every so often. :-)

I was really moved by your website especially with the "In My Heart" page. Your words, thoughts, emotions truly touched my inner core as a being; and not many people in this world have that kind of effect on me.

Well, what I wanted to say is that I've always lived life the way I've wanted as I've always believed that I have a destiny / purpose to fulfill. And I have found my purpose in life after going through many varied experiences: yoga, meditation, scientology,ballroom dancing, etc. Spiritually, I am kinda way out there. Traveled internationally as a child and professional working life, multi-lingual.

I've never really cared what other people think including my parents.

One thing I know that has worked well for me is putting it out there. The universe will start to align towards your goals, dreams, and aspirations. You have already opened your heart via your website. Open your heart amongst other channels but also be mindful of deceptiveness out there. You always have to be careful but I know you handle yourself well. I just hope that LOVE will find you from the bottom of my heart. Sending you lots of energy!

Peace n Light
Marshall T.


Subject: Scintillating!

I've admired you from afar for some time now and found you perusing recent reviews and thought I'd delve into your site for a look at how you've progressed since I first discovered you last year.

One word........scintillating!

I'm writing to shower you with a little praise #1:), and to tell you this.....

There is an Italian restaurant in Malibu called Tra di Noi which means 'between us' in Italian. I've been dining at Tra di Noi for years and it certainly can be googled for an idea of its' special qualities. 5 Stars all the way and filled with notable people on any given evening.

Just thought I'd share.

Over the years it is the kind of woman presenting herself as a dignified lover type that has attracted me most effectively.

You are adorable and look downright delectable to me.

I too am one who lives within the heart, and would prefer to visit with companions who present themselves as do you.

In hopes that we meet one day soon!

With love and admiration,


Subject: Thank you for sharing your thoughts and reflections with so much sincerity

A brief note to thank you for sharing your thoughts and reflections with so much sincerity. You say life favours the "Bold", however a certain confidence is key to realizing our dreams. I think your openness and honesty has helped to keep your journey alive. While reading through your diary pages I saw a note from a lady wishing you success in finding that special someone to continue life's journey with. Several years ago very good friends offered some rare advice, " don't live life alone " . Their thoughts more conventional than perhaps yours or mine however the wisdom is not lost. Like the Lady who wrote to you in '07 I hope you find that someone and they are as unique as yourself.

Having been single now for 4 years or so I have had the good fortune to live some incredible moments. A few short years ago I'd not of thought it possible, certainly not in the context in which they took place. Having been to Europe and Asia both for the first time and sharing those experiences with a wonderful lady I can honestly say that perspective can change. As life unfolds I hope you're rewarded along the way with the same kindness you've so unselfishly shared with others. For those honest enough to embrace your thoughts, a rich and interesting future will unfold.

If more people lived by "The Golden Rule" each Sunset would be cause to Celebrate and each Sunrise a promise of New Life and Opportunity. I hope someday this is reflected on CNN.

Thank you for the Inspiration!

Life's Journey Never Ends!



Subject: I love what you are searching for

Hi Amy,

I loved what you wrote on your website. Everything really. But especially the part "In My Heart". I love what you are searching for. I love the poetry and the pureness that you desire in life. I know your dream will come true. There are great men out there in the world. I can see how you could enhance and encourage the right mans life. I know you would be that beacon of light for me. The rainbow after the storm. The breeze on a hot summer day. In return I will be devoted to you and protect and cherish you always.

I wish I were the right man for you. I dream the same dreams you do. I want a wife that I can see as a beautiful white flower in a field of yellow and red and purple flowers. One that is pure, delicate and fragile yet strong. I want to make sure I protect and cherish that flower so it can continue to grow and bring a ray of sunshine to everyone that sees, smells or comes in her presence. I want to see the glow of her face as she is pregnant with our children. Knowing the joy it will bring to her as we raise and nurture our children together. I could see that in you as I read your words.

I want to know her mother and father, brothers and sisters. Everyone that helped her become the beauty she is inside. I want to hold her forever, laugh, cry, and share all the beauty and troubles that life brings. I'm so glad to have read so much of what you wrote. In the days we are living there are so many people like you that just need real hope in humanity. I need that at times. Your words encourage me with that hope.

I understand your profession is a contradiction to your dreams for "true love". One can't help but give their soul to anyone they make love with. That is the beauty of sex. That is the joy of sex. There is the pleasures of sex but they pale in comparison to the desire to quench the thirst of the soul you love. Thats the pureness of true sex to me. That is when the afterglow is pure and blissful. It must be even more satisfying when it results in the birth of your child. I may never experience that. Something every person should enjoy... I know you will.

Well I want to tell you I love you. I love you for bearing open your hear. I love you for being sooo beautiful on the outside as well as the inside. I love you for being simple yet complex. I love you for what i don't even know about you. I love you for what you will become.

Hugs, soft kisses, and may peace be with you always....



Subject: I long for the day...

Amy, I long for the day when I can logon to my computer and no longer see Sweet Amy ads on Eros. I long for the day when "A Love Journey" website is shut down because your journey has come to an end. I long for the day when I might meet the beautiful woman of my dream.

Shine girl shine…and shoot for the stars. I am here for you always and forever.

Yours always,



Subject: A letter to a classy lady

Sweet Amy,

Oh my. 

It looks like your heart got worked over by a real !!! ("!!!" is actually too nice a word for him, but it's the only one I could think of that I could write in a letter to a classy lady).

Your poem is hauntingly beautiful. Terribly sad, but beautifully poetic. I love Frida Kahlo's work too Amy, she was an immense talent - but you are right - her art is a little sad to look at.  

Well, as I said before, Iook forward to reading your site and learning more about you. You seem like an interesting young lady. I hope that the problem you were having with the man that was hurting you has gone away and you are now getting on with your life.  

I would love to meet you someday! If you ever find yourself headed to Texas, please let me know.  

Good luck in the future,
Alan S.


Subject: Focus more on your new life

Hi Amy,

Your poem is very poignant describing a difficult relationship. I'm sure the next couple of weeks were full of feelings of anguish, confusion, and sadness. Your best medicine is to make new friends so your focus is not on the past, but toward the future. It's been a long time since I've fell out of love, but I was able to become a stronger person after the experience. I think I'm more caring, affectionate and understanding about relationships now than before. This new understanding has helped me in my career as well since I have to deal with various clients' personas. I think you'll be great. You can focus more on your new life and the possibilities it brings. If you wish to talk more, please don't hesitate to email.



Subject: I'm sorry you are suffering

Dear Amy,

A beautiful poem, I'm sorry you are suffering as I know what pain losing a love or loved one can cause. I wish you well, you'll have to put those memories in a place you can revisit when your strength and happiness return. In the meantime take care of yourself. I too have a journey to complete.



Subject: Love can break a person's heart

Dear Amy,

I'm terribly sorry to hear about your sorrow and hopelessness. But, you are more than just a little girl. Love can break a person's heart but it can also strengthen one's life's experience. You are a smart, beautiful and focused young LADY. I know you shall overcome this unworthy your heartbreak setback.

Is there anything I can do to help. Can I give you some companionship? Can I take you out to a dinner at your favorite restaurant tonight? Can I do anything to make you smile before I leave San Francisco?
My best,



Subject: The journey to find love can involve pitfalls

I'm very sorry about your current situation. The journey to find love can involve pitfalls and I'm sorry that you have encountered one of them. At least you can be assured that it wasn't meant to be and perhaps it will turn out to be a blessing rather than a curse.

I have to admit that most guys are simply jerks especially the guys in this industry. If there's any consolation at least you found out what a great person he was sooner rather than later. Although it sometimes can be next to impossible try to take a course of action devoid of emotions…that way you will come out with a clearer solution.

As always should you need anything please let me know. I can't do much but at least I can lend a listening ear. Take care.



Subject: You are so classy and so elegant

Dear Miss Amy,

Thank you very much for your response! I can wait. I'd be delighted. As I said, I think it would be a privilege to meet you. God, you are so classy, and so elegant.

Miss Amy, I knew you were a beautiful and intelligent woman the moment I read your listing on Eros. (That's the "aura" I was talking about in my first e-mail.)

But I don't think I understood how truly beautiful and intelligent you actually are until I read your poem. You are not only physically beautiful, but you clearly have a beautiful and cultured soul as well.

I can see that you are in a very bad way right now and I can absolutely understand why you might want to take time out to "think about your life." I probably would too.

I will make you a promise - I will look for you the next time I am scheduled to visit the Bay Area. I would consider it a rare privilege to meet someone who can write poetry from so deep in her heart the way you can, even when that heart is broken.

Thank you for trusting me enough to confide in me. Though you don't know me, I'd like to think I'm a good and empathetic man.

Take care of yourself.

I hope your heart heals soon.

John C


Subject: Sorry to hear the sorrows of your broken heart

Dear Amy:

I did notice that you took down your site, and now I know why. Sorry to hear the sorrows of your broken heart. It saddens me to see a girl with a loving heart and one who so intent on finding that unequivocal love getting hurt the way you have described in your poem. But my dear Amy, love can be sometimes blinding and you do have to listen to your brain rather than your heart at times. Love can not be forced and you can't find love in what ultimately you know can not be or can not work out. I do not know the circumstances of how this person that you have fallen for is giving you pain. But when you listen to Timbaland singing "it's too late to apologize", you may just need to toughen up and not let yourself to get hurt again and again.

There is so much in life to experience, to enjoy, to live it all. Don't curl up and soak yourself in pain. Don't let the circumstances eat you away. On the contrary, you should make each experience in life whether success or failure, or weather happiness or pain, to make you stronger each time and grow to endure as well as enjoy more of what life has to offer. May you sort out your current dilemmas soon.


P.S. I love the part of your poem which you made the analogy of how the bad feelings you have are painting your life like brushstrokes from Frida Kahlo's brilliant hand.


Subject: Life is not a Richard Gere and Julia Roberts movie

Dear Sweet Amy,

Lastly, I would just like to say that meeting you would be a true priviledge. So far you have only been a dream in my head, and hopefully soon you will be a wonderful memory in my heart.

I don't do this. In fact, as I stated before, I only did it once with a young woman while I was broken up with my girlfriend last summer. Lately I have been missing passion in my life and your profile drew me in. I had never seen your website until this past Monday when you put it back online.

I consider you someone that will be a once in a lifetime experience. As I also said, I am kind of worried about my ultimate attraction to you. When a guy reaches 50 years old and finally sees the girl he was looking for his whole life, it may be hard to deal with. Please keep that in mind when we meet.

I am not someone who really needs the false pretenses of our date being anything special to you. I know what you do and I know why you do it. I believe that you are better than what you do and hopefully whatever your ultimate goals are you will be able to escape this life and find your true happiness. But, sweet Amy, never delude yourself into thinking that you will find your true love in this line of work. Life is not a Richard Gere and Julia Roberts movie. Anyone that pays to be with you is not a life partner. He is someone looking for sex with a beautiful girl. But, you already know this, don't you?

Please respond with your thoughts and answers via email. I appreciate your time.

Yours truly,


Subject: No man should ever hurt a woman

Dearest Amy,

Your website is beautiful. I cannot imagine someone as lovely as you appear to be having difficulty finding your true love. I cannot say strongly enough how much I find everything about you to be utterly amazing. You are, in my opinion, the most beautiful person I have ever encountered.

I would hope for you, that if you did manage to find someone to spend an entire year with, the man you choose would be the man you have been waiting for...or your dreams would be further delayed. But then again....what man could possibly deserve you? No man that is married, and certainly no man that felt it necessary to pay a year's salary to keep you around, could ever be worthy of your love. You are MUCH better than that, sweet Amy.

No man should ever hurt a woman. It pains me to think that you have had bad experiences. In my heart I wish for you all of the very best Amy. I spent my entire life looking for someone as wonderful as you. I am still looking. It hurts my heart to know that there is someone out there like you. I have spent 50 years looking for MY Amy. If I were a younger man....... there would be nothing I wouldn't give of myself to make you mine.

Find your dream Amy. I cannot imagine any man meeting you and not realizing that you are truly his dream come true.



Subject: Gentle Inquiry...

Dear Amy:

My name is T (sorry, but for the privacy reason, I have to protect his name, hope you understand) and I came across your website while searching for a Native American teacher by the same name. I am author of many books in the spiritual and metaphysical genre, and I am fairly well known in the "New Age" field. As I looked at your website, I was filled with more than a bit of wonder at your sensitivity, openness and your heart. And one of your statements, helped pick me up a bit. It has to do with how our choices define who we are.

I am married but a number of years ago we separated. Shortly after this, my wife was in a near fatal accident in which she lost hearing in one ear and she lost a lot of mobility in her legs and hips. Her ankles are held together by a hardware store. She has also experienced the onset of trauma-induced Altzheimer's that has gotten worse at times over the past few years. It would have been easy for some people to walk away, but the only support she would have received was from her very estranged mother. I knew it would haunt me the rest of my life if I did nothing. I chose to return and care for her, sacrificing much of what I dreamed to do. People sometimes though do not relaize that in life events arise in which the right thing to do is not the easiest thing to do. But you must do it simply because it is right. It is a choice.

Last night, after a particularly rough week dealing with the issues at hand, I decided to focus on some writing project ideas - one of which was to contact some workers in the field to do an interview type of book. Just skimming your website and some of your insights and thoughts, helped me overcome a little self-pity that has built up over the past five years over the difficulty of handling everything that must be taken care of.

I felt that you needed to know that sometimes we touch people without ever realizing. The poetry of your heart came through in your writing and helped a stranger.

I am sure at some point, you will find your one true love and become a wife and mother. And you will shine even more brightly.

Thank you,


"We can Starve as much from a lack of wonder as we can from a lack of food." - T


Subject: Your reflections on deep, ever lasting love brought a tear to my eye

Dear Amy:

I stumbled across your website earlier today and was immediately drawn to you. (I am a 27/male) Your story and poems have been absolutely mesmerizing to me. Moreover your reflections on deep, ever lasting love brought a tear to my eye. This is something that I have been seeking for the last few years without much success, so I know what you must be feeling.

I wish you the best in all that do - I know that you are destined for love and successes that you can only imagine! The man that captures your mind, body and soul will be truly lucky.

Thanks again for providing your story for the world to see - it provided an amazing lift to my week!


Subject: A companion in mind, spirit, and body

Dear Amy:

After reading your website, I was inspired to write this sonnet in a tribute to you:

A love journey filled with desire
A love journey full of entice
Will you be the one to light my fire
Will you be the one to melt my ice

Fate has brought us this chance to liaise
Will a future union culminate?
All the allure is tempting me to chase
A meeting with a passionate mate

My mind and spirit crave to share
With you, an intense cerebral climax
My body yearns to become bare
Against your impeccable elegant class

Will my life journey to explore hearts' desires
Be this love journey that you have inspired


Subject: Hello Amy, from Bodhi

Hi Amy,

I just read through your whole diary. I completely enjoyed your poetry, insights and humor! (AND SO many new books to consider!)

I am currently married so I cannot enjoy your service. However, I appreciate that you are in the world and I know you will find the man who belongs with you, together.

I wish you all the best of everything.

Happy new year,

...where the music goes...



Subject: Your Lovely Website


You don't know me. My name is Cynthia Wilson. I live in Glasgow, Scotland in Great Britain.

I stumbled across your website this afternoon and found it to be both beautiful and fascinating. It is a true work of art.

(Amy, I hope you don't mind me offering my opinion. I wasn't going to write you at first, but then I saw your 'Behind the Scenes' page and realized that I would not be the first one that has written to compliment you, so I thought my comments might be appropriate.)

It's actually odd how I found your site. I started out searching for a poem, also entitled 'A Love Journey', that I recalled from my days at University. (I wanted to re-read it, as it has some bearing on a literary criticism I am currently writing.) I could not remember the author's name (or anything about him, except that he was South African), so I tried looking it up on Google. Instead, your site came up. I clicked into it, wondering if it had anything to do with the poem but of course quickly realized that it did not. However, I was intrigued by the artwork of the voluptuous East Asian beauty in languorous repose and captivated by the adoring tribute to your virtues from 'Dr. Taylor' (both on your homepage), so I kept reading.

You appear to be a rather remarkable woman, to say the least!

I've never seen anything quite like your website. Being a female, I've never had any interest in escort services (or any other 'adult content', for that matter), but I was mesmerized by your story and inspired by your philosophy. Based on your photos (even with the facial blurring ) it's obvious that you are, physically, an extraordinarily beautiful woman. But even more than that, it's quite clear that you are also an amazingly spiritual lady. I read through your entire site and was fascinated by your life, buoyed by your optimism and astonished by your honesty. You don't hold anything back, do you? What surprised me the most (given the nature of your business) was how forthright you are about your search for 'true love.' You really put your heart out there for everyone to see. I want you to know that I was really touched by your vulnerability and heartened by your feminine strength. Seeing your dignified and courageous spirit shining through your words made me proud to be a woman.

I can identify with your longing for love. I'm 32 years old and single. I've had a number of (mostly) happy love affairs over the years, but still have not found the right man for me. For that reason, I was especially encouraged by your most recent 'Diary' entry, the one with the note from your 'Forever Friend.' Her words really struck a chord with me. Being a writer and editor myself, I was really moved by her elegant use of language. "The man you are looking for is the one who can look into your eyes and see his unborn children" is a deeply profound way to describe the ideal lover and perfect husband. How beautiful! I never thought of it quite that way, and I felt as if your lady friend was speaking to me (and, for that matter, every woman in the world), as well. I don't know who this 'close friend' of yours is (she's seems to be a mentor of sorts, or perhaps a lover?), but she clearly understands life and the female soul. You are lucky to have the benefit of her wisdom. Her advice to you is very personal and intimate, so I'm grateful that you chose to share it with your visitors. I will remember her good counsel until the day comes when I find my "faithful husband, tender lover and dearest friend" and have my babies.

I know the Sarah McLachlan song , of course - 'Angel'; it's one of my all-time favorites. I also think I know the other song she is referring to - 'Love Needs a Heart.' If I'm not mistaken, it is an older (1970's, maybe?) song by the American singer, Jackson Browne. (He's a handsome chap. My sister went through a period where she was besotted with him.) I haven't heard that song in a long time, but remember it being quite poetic. I'll have to see if Sis still has a copy, or maybe find it on iTunes. I'd like to hear it again.

Well, I've taken up a great deal of your time. Thanks for reading this. You seem to lead a fascinating life. I wish you well and hope you find happiness wherever your path takes you.

Thanks again for your lovely website. It brightened my day.

Best of luck!



I've attached a snapshot of me, taken last spring. I've seen your pictures, so I thought it only fair...

Au revoir.

Subject: Your website...


I can't tell you how inspiring I found your website! I find that the vast majority of people don't understand that the biggest aphrodisiac is truly the mind. Your website shows you to be a person of rare intelligence, sensitivity, spirituality and beauty.

I don't know if we'll ever meet... or if you have any time, but I just wanted to say how much I appreciated learning about you.

Bless you and thanks,

Chris Abbott

Subject: From a parallel universe


In one of my whimsy moods, googling something like "courtesan" and "life-style", after many clicks, brought me to your website. Wow, what great photos - and what a wise girl you are!

It is interesting that we have a lot in common - and one such thing is freedom and passion for what we do. No doubt, if I were a lady, it would be my dream to be like you. You would be my role model and I would humbly request your mentorship. But this proposition remains unused, since in this life I am not a lady and have already found my own way of being free and happily engaged with the world. It reminds me of the poem:

Sometimes naked
Sometimes mad
Now a scholar
Now a fool
Thus they appear on earth:
The free men

Mine is the third line of the poem, as can be verified by googling my name. I am wondering where is your place in it? The first line is unlikely, since in this context "naked" rather means "destitute". So if the poem does not work, let us rewrite it!

Now a saint
Now a courtesan
Now a scholar
Now a fool
Thus they appear on earth:
The free men

This has both of us in. Whew! (And of course, since it is an ancient poem, "men" should be understood to mean both "men and women":)

I feel very inspired by your website. It is great to know that you followed your natural ways and found yourself, as can be seen from your preferences, moderation, and gratitude.

Here are several interesting similarities between us: I have also been inspired by philosophy and religion for years and after studying Christianity, Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism and then again Buddhism, ended up having the same notion of spirituality as you ("I am spiritual, I respect all religions"). After years of self-study, curiosity led me to numerous silent retreats in vipassana meditation tradition where two years ago, as luck would have it, my hoe struck pure gold. It was a spiritual gold of course, something I read about in the books but really did not imagine possible as long as one continues to live in the world - the disappearance of self. I am not sure it makes any sense to describe it at all, but literally my sense of personal presence was suddenly and completely removed and since that time awareness without a center is the only witness of my life:) Sound funny but it is true and more real than other things whose reality we take for granted. Outwardly my life has changed very little but inwardly it was like being transported to another planet. I am writing this to tell you what was, for me, the most natural development of this notion of open-minded spirituality: the global citizenship, being one with the universe by experience, not only by definition. It is possible that you have developed a similar awareness due to those life-changing events which made you "work very hard to create success for myself". Whatever the process and its description, the outcome is similar - a permanent change of our view point and an ability to see amazing depth in people and things - a flower lit from within by a sparkling display of shades and colors, or a unique moment of unspeakable emotion in the interval between two touches of the hand.

Another possibly superficial yet striking connection is that I, too, have my rate as a consultant for several companies in the valley. Since you mentioned yours, I will mention mine. It is $150 an hour, in fact nothing impressive - which speaks for the boring nature of my scientific discoveries:) Although for me it is an art and a fulfillment with no need for compensation, there should be a rate to reduce the number of contacts. Just like you, I found that consulting too much and too often turns me into an "idea provider" rather than a creative artist. So I am limiting my involvements to roughly one consulting period a month. To continue the analogy, I live in a spectacular rented apartment in East Bay, overlooking Downtown SF and Golden Gate, have a luxury car, and feel like the world is at my feet (which is of course true only psychologically). Above and beyond, "I live simply and without extravagance": enjoy healthy food, walk to work, practice martial arts. When not in the mood for research, I am in the national parks or studying a philosophy book or hiking up the trails to see the sunset in Tilden Park. I was and still am to some extent involved in several relationships, most of them are fulfilling and transformative, yet none of them so far led to a family. Perhaps I am too picky because I am in a different life cycle, wondering is it possible that I never have my own family.

Why on earth I am writing this? I guess by now you are wondering as much as I do. I clearly do not make a client. I do have the money but I never used an escort, nor even thought about getting one. I am not looking for somebody to help or support, although besides my parents and sister I am partially supporting several good friends, in particular, a single mother of two - an admirable girl whose favors I never sought nor am expecting to find. In my relationships I often find myself on the giving side - too sensitive to another person to think about myself, to the point of forgetting about myself completely. As a giver you know what I mean - this has to do with inner perception of reality of who we are, rather than a desire to please or be pleased. Perhaps this is what you call "a heart filled with immense love for everyone". Such a giver does not need a lot of attention - nor some special attention - as long as it is possible to share something - in this timeless moment - no matter what - and there is always such an opportunity - even if just an imaginary one. Just like you, I found and continue finding companions easily, yet prefer to live alone most of the time and share moments of joy and clarify by figuring out new formulas, or writing this email...

Finally, I cannot find a better reason for sending this to you - other than knowing that you are a wise and loving person who is following a path that is so different and yet so similar, possibly happy to read my thoughts as I was happy to read yours. Have a safe and fun journey!


Subject: Warm greetings

Dear Amy,

I had the great pleasure of viewing your wonderful website this morning and wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed it. I surprised myself by reading almost every word! You truly sound like an amazing young woman, with a heart and soul as beautiful as your physical presence.

I will never have the pleasure of meeting you in person, but am thankful that I was able to 'meet' you via the magic of the Internet. I wish you all the best in life and hope that someday you will find your true companion. I found mine almost 40 years ago. She's the best thing that could ever have happened in my life.

Take care and be well.


Subject: You are a person who cherish love to the deepest

Hello Amy,

I hope you are having a great day and in good spirit with this piece of email I am sending. I am sending this little piece of email not to make an appointment with you nor to try to meet with you. Well, maybe. I do understand I probably would not hear from you, but you never know. The reason I am writing to you is to perhaps get a chance to explore your views or insights toward the world. Your words breathe sexiness to me. You are a person who cherish love to the deepest, and yet love seems to be ever so evasive to you. For some reason, after I read your website, the movie “Sweet November” came to my mind. Perhaps is your format, person of the month, similar to the character’s concept. I like your world of reality during Valentine’s day. I did not know Valentine’s day was a holiday. I wanted to be alone on that day especially, even though I thought I was immune to this day. I know no one believes me if I were to say everyday is a Valentine’s day. What did you cook?

I like your article on Ruth’s Chris Steak House, one of the places I worked for. After her death, her Mercedes was put into a contest for all the restaurants. I am sure you realize this as well, through the different synopsis you wrote, so much of our world is evolved around the human condition. Love, the struggles in life, maybe that’s why the classics has always been so successful because of our association. The Casa Blancas, It’s Wonderful Lifes, do you ever pay attention how every man treats a woman or vice versa when you are walking on the streets? Is interesting, the older folks have a different association with one and other. It is always interesting watching my grandfather and his girlfriend.

If I don’t hear from you, I wanted to thank you for your delightful thoughts and what tender sexiness can be. Take care.


Subject: Happy Valentine's Day

Hi Amy!

I just wanted to take this opportunity to wish you a Happy Valentine's Day.

To have the honor of reading your website & getting to know you is a privilege that you have afforded me & although I have not met you personally you have touched a chord in my heart that has prompted me to wish you today & respond.

You have exposed your heart & shown me what a beautiful person you are inside - your external beauty may be indescribable as per the comments on your website but what you have exposed about yourself on the inside has impressed me immensely. Your humility & love & compassion is amazing. With your beauty & your IQ you could have been full of pride & arrogance - but you are just the opposite & a lesson & a model to me to not think more highly of myself than any other & to share my talents & blessings with those who cross my path in order to encourage & bless them.

You truly are a blessing & on this special day I pray that you will continue to grow in wisdom & understanding & be a shining light to all those whom you come into contact with.

I hope I will get the opportunity to make an appointment with you & until then - Take Good Care of yourself & keep smiling. May your life be filled with joy & happiness.

A hug if I may

Subject: The Video

Hello Amy

I just visited your website for the very first time. I wish that I could say that I am one of the "elite" gentlemen that could afford to take you around. But sadly, I am not. Your site paints you as a wonderful woman, and that I have no doubt.

That wonderful video....my god....it was so touching and so sad at the same time. I wish you well always, Amy. I wish I could know you.....I love your heart.

All my best,

Subject: Hello

Hi Amy. This morning I visited your amazing website, and I just had to write you. Your artistic inclination, intelligence, wit, sophistication, grace, and sensuality come through on every page! It is an absolutely delightful and absolutely unique website. One of these days, in the not too distant future I hope, I will make it back to San Francisco, where I grew up and went to college, with the sole purpose of meeting and spending some time with you.

Warmest regards and loving thoughts,
xxx Steve

Subject: You are simply beautiful

Dear Amy,

So beautiful! You truly are one-of-a-kind. I was filled with happiness, then with sadness, when I was watching that video on your website. A flood of emotions filled me, making me recall memories that I've experienced in my life. With the senses fully awake, I decided to continue and read through your tasteful and well-made website (it's not everyday that I find a website so full of charm, intimacy and enchantment).

I want to say "Thank you, Amy", for reintroducing the wonders of the written word and romance. I've lost touch with it, having immersed myself in work and success. For that reason, I decided to pull out a copy of a favorite story of mine: A Moveable Feast, by Ernest Hemingway. The way he described a certain female visiting a cafe he was at, is in many ways, how I would love to lead my life. I miss being captivated by that beautiful stranger, entranced in the way the woman carries herself in a shroud of mystery.

I don't know if I will ever have the luxury of your company, but I want to wish you all the love and happiness you desire. If it means lying in a field of gold and fragrant flowers in Tuscany, watching a lone butterfly make its way to rest upon your outstretched hand; or curling up on your favorite chair, reading a good book that you can not put down until you finish it; or laughing and talking with the man of your dreams over a cup of coffee...I want you to have it all. Life is full of surprises, and I received a wonderful surprise today when I found your site. It was an honor and pleasure to have found you and your site. Thank you, and enjoy the two video links (I'm sure you've seen them already).